Great Expectations

Charles Dickens’s bildungs-roman paints the life of an orphan boy, Pip, raised by his sister and her husband. Among other powerful and well built characters as Mrs Gargery, Joe, Miss Havisham, Estella, we find out that Pip is a shy boy that falls in love with ice cold heart Estella, the adopted daughter of MissContinue reading “Great Expectations”

Wives and Daughters

A novel about relationships, Wives and daughters, describes the lives of two families from the nineteen century, the family of doctor Gibson and squire Hamley. The story, embroidered with a touch of comedy and romance, portrays the young woman, Molly Gibson, in her journey towards her own marriage. Her life gets complicated when her fatherContinue reading “Wives and Daughters”

Old Shurehand

Old Surehand I was written by Karl May a year after the publication of Winneotu I (1893). With the help of Old Wabble, the “King of the Cowboys”, Old Shatterhand wants to free the mysterious westerner Old Surehand from the hands of hostile Indians. Winnetou later joins them. In the Llano Estacado desert they willContinue reading “Old Shurehand”

The Betrothed (The Movie)

The adaptation of Alessandro Manzoni’s novel, one of the most important pieces of Italian literature, pictures the piety and suffering of the people of Como in times of plague. The wedding between two peasants, Renzo and Lucia is foiled by Don Rodrigo, a squire who wants Lucia for himself. The couple have a friend inContinue reading “The Betrothed (The Movie)”

The Magnificent Seven

A remake of Kurosawa’s classic, Seven Samurai, The Magnificent Seven is one of the all-time great westerns. The story is simple: some poor farmers in Mexico hire seven gunslingers from the other side of Rio Grand to protect them from a small army of bandits that robs their village every year. The seven heroes pledgeContinue reading “The Magnificent Seven”

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea is a modern-day Irish fairy tale with a 20th-century setting and roots in Celtic and Irish mythology – the folklore of selkies, the seal-people who can shed their seal-skins and become human. Ten-year-old Ben and his six-year-old sister Saoirse live with their widowed father Conor in a lighthouse on a lonelyContinue reading “Song of the Sea”

Once Upon a Dog

When a dog gets too old to bark at the burglars, becomes useless for his masters. Such is the dog from this cartoon. He is banished from his home and runs in the forest where he meets the wolf. Even if they were enemies, they agree to set up the kidnapping of the little childContinue reading “Once Upon a Dog”


The animated series presents episodes from the life of a young turtle, named Franklin. He lives with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Turtle, goes to school, plays with his friends, a snail, a bear, a beaver and other animals from his village, Woodland, in North America. In the fifth season of the series, children willContinue reading “Franklin”


Having roots in the French game L’Attaque and American Basilinda, this strategy and guessing game is said to have been played by Russians before World War I. The first commercial version of this game was named Salvo. Battleship is played on 10×10 grids (paper or board). Each player has a fleet of ships which heContinue reading “Battleship”


One of the oldest board games (almost 5,000 years old) combines strategy and luck. Most scholars agree that the word comes from the Middle English baec (back) and gamen (game). The game is represented in art, such as “The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Brueghel. The two player game consists in a board, 15 checkersContinue reading “Backgammon”

IQ Twist

120 challenges to twist your brain! This game will improve your concentration and logic skills while trying to arrange all 8 puzzle pieces on a rectangular board. As the level of the challenge is higher, the game gets harder because you have fewer clues to help you solve it. Creator: Smart Games Company Date ofContinue reading “IQ Twist”

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